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Yogarobics Exercise

YogaRobics . . . Move with Ease.

YogaRobics is Yin Yang Style of Yoga exercise founded by Stacy Moon L.Ac MSOM. It is an exercise system that combines Yoga, light Aerobics, and Massage all in one.

Yogarobics is gentle and non-strenuous yet invigorating. Yogarobics is designed to open up and move stagnated heavy Qi and blood. In result, the students will feel peaceful, light and energetic at the end of the class.

Yogarobics is Gentle & Easy.

Yogarobics is Invigorating.

Yogarobics is Kind to your body.

Profile of the Founder, Stacy Moon L.Ac MSOM

  • National FitAerobics Champion
  • Appeared on Merv Griffin show
  • Article on Fit National Magazine
  • Article on San Jose Mercury News paper
  • Article on Korea Times News paper
  • Yoga Alliance certified
  • Practices Meditation & Qi Gong
  • Masters degree in Oriental Medicine
  • Licensed Acupuncturist
  • Vegan
Stacy Moon has been teaching Aerobics, Yoga, Tai Chi, & Health Advice for over 30 years.

She has taught senior and patient Yogarobics about 1,500 classes. She currently teaches about 40-50 classes a month. In her classes, she integrates many years of training which are Yoga, Aerobics, Dance, Massage, Acupressure, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation, Oriental Medicine, and Natural healing.

She has a wide range of knowledge of kinetics, physiology, pathology and emotional issue that today’s society faces. She understands the strongs and weaknesses in seniors, patients as well as healthy people. She considers all aspects of individual’s need and incorporates them in her classes.

Presently, Stacey specializes in Yogarobics exercise for seniors and patients. She teaches in the languages of English, Korean, and Spanish.

Contact Stacy today for a consult:


Let’s Be Healthy.

Let’s Be Kind.

Let’s Be Happy.

Let’s Be Gentle.

Let’s Be Natural.

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