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Athlete Alert: Why Chiropractic?

sports chiropractic

A sports chiropractor can help maximize performance

I know many of you athletes, weekend warriors and sports fans may have some idea of what a chiropractor does or why you go to one. Yes, you probably go to one if you have been in a work or automobile related accident. Or you may have neck or lower back pain from life’s everyday challenges. Truth is when it come down to it, at the core of what we do is to help better your performance.

Not Just Speed and Power

I am not just talking about speed and power; it’s more then that. It’s about function. Think of it this way. How fast could you run if you couldn’t bend your knees? How far could you throw if you couldn’t bend your elbow? The body is a series of joints, held together by ligaments and made to move through muscle contraction translated into the tendons. That muscle power is all controlled by the nervous system.

The muscles will function when called upon, but think of this, what is a muscle contraction if the joint it is trying to move around that’s not in a position to move freely? It’s like pushing a brick wall. You can push it all day long, but that wall isn’t going to go any where. You’re going to have to use a different strategy to knock it down.

Now imagine you’re in a game…

You’re getting ready to steal a base. The body is going to need every muscle, tendon, ligament, bone and nerve to work in the right sequence. The body must go through the right path to make it to that base before the pitcher tries to throw you out.

The body needs to have everything right to get the spatial awareness / proprioception working optimally. It starts with the eyes and inner ear which control balance and goes deep into the joint where the body delicately measures, through the nervous system, the tension currently on each muscle, the joint angle of every joint in your body, from head to toe. It has to function as a well oiled machine. The slightest imperfection in the movement will translate into a lose of speed/ time.

Optimal Joint Function and More

The job of a chiropractor, especially a sports chiropractor is to minimize these slight imperfections. We make sure each and every joint is free to move in its necessary range. We work on the individual muscles to get them to the proper length for maximum speed and strength of contraction. Chiropractors also make sure the ligaments are at the proper length to allow the joint to function.

In the end, the finished product is an athlete that is well balanced, and ready to perform at his absolute best without restrictions from the body. This allows for a complete mental focus on game play.

Are you a good candidate for chiropractic care? Find out!

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