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Muscle Hygene : What is it? and Why do you need it?

 We all know how important it is to have good dental hygiene.

If your a diabetic with neuropathy, you may also know how important it is to have good general hygiene.

Did you ever stop and think that it might be important to have good Muscle Hygiene?

I know, you’re going to ask “What the hell is Muscle Hygiene.”


Well, first let us start with what we know.

For optimal muscle performance we need to warm up the muscles.

This usually starts with a brisk walk, light jog, or even some jump rope.

Something that is going to get your heart pumping to roughly 110-120 BPM,

and bring your internal temperature up.

Next we usually stretch.

Now the verdict is out on how important it is to stretch before your workout.

If you’re a healthy individual you may even debate on static vs dynamic stretching.

Import thing when stretching is to note muscle length.

Each muscle, down to the individual fiber and even further still down to the actin / myosin bridge

has an optimal length.

If you over stretch you will see a decline in muscle force production.

That’s what we know until now.

Did you ever stop and think that there is more to it.


This is where massage, and chiropractic come in,

especifically, dealing with fascial adhesions, and trigger points.

For muscles to function properly they need to be able to fully expand and contract.

An adhesion will cause a bunching of the outer fascia or covering of the muscle,

causing it not to fully contract.

This may effect several muscles with in the general area.

A trigger point will cause a focal build up of fluid,

which may cause a radiation of pain along a referral pattern.

This can also prevent full extension of a muscle, as well as contraction.


If you take the time to add massage and chiropractic to you’re training and recovery regime,

you may be able to prevent future injuries and increase performance.

The muscle will be able to fully contract and relax as needed.

Muscle balance can be restored,

allowing for a proper tension relationship to exist between agonist and antagonist muscles.

A well balance body, with muscles working properly can now take you to a higher level of function.

In-between, massage and chiropractic sessions you can utilize

foam rollers, massage sticks, and even IASTM ( Instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation)

similar to flossing your teeth.


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