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Dr. Baio, Phillipe Nover and Christine Lugar

Dr. Baio, Phillipe Nover and Christine Lugar

Phillipe Nover Victorious in UFC comeback

This past Saturday Phillipe Nover made his return to UFC a victorious one. After several years away from the big show, Nover returned to UFC in the promotions first show in the Philippines. This past January Phillipe was just returning to the octagon in Atlantic city. He returned at 152 lbs working his way down to 145lbs. When he heard UFC was venturing to his home land, he had to be on the card. He wanted to be sure he would put on a performance of a life time in front of his people. He dominated the first round, using what was once his weak point (wrestling). He continued to grind it out for the final two rounds vs a very strong opponent in Yui Chul Nam. Phil got the node with a split decision win. We are waiting to see what’s next for Phil ( hopefully a performance in front of a New York city crowd at MSG).

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