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Massage Therapy at Performance Edge Chiropractic

Massage Therapy

Performance Edge Chiropractic is proud to announce the addition of Adele Greene, LMT to our office.

Adele Green LMT in Brooklyn providing chair massage at a neighborhood Zumba event.

Adele Green LMT providing chair massage at a neighborhood Zumba event.

Meet Adele Green, Massage Therapist

I am a graduate of the Swedish Institute in New York City. I have an Associate’s Degree in Massage Therapy. During my career as a massage therapist, I have worked in hospitals, luxury hotels, conventions, spas, and in private practice.

I believe that massage therapy can be used to help bring the body back into balance. It has also been proven to reduce stress, relieve tension, and improve circulation. I use effective tools in my practice, such as lava stones and aromatherapy.

A regular massage added to your health maintenance plan is necessary for your well being.

Contact Adele directly for an Appointment. (347) 674-5876