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Fitness Alert: Demarco's Boxing Club


As many have already guessed Dr. Baio is a huge boxing fan. As such, he never misses an opportunity to see a live event at any level. This past weekend he traveled out to Staten Island to visit with an Nicky Demarco. Nicky is not only a former pro boxer but the owner of Demarco’s Boxing Club at 38 Winant Place, Staten Island NY 10309 . Visiting, Dr. Baio was able to catch some of Nicky’s clients showing off what they learned in classes. There is nothing like the thrill of seeing the work clients put in the gym pay off in a live sparring session. Every fight was well matched. The referee did a great job at keeping the action going and keeping participants out of harms way.

While not everyone wants to get in the ring, boxing training is a great conditioning and weight loss activity. If you haven’t been by the office lately, you haven’t seen the boxing equipment Dr. Baio has added to the office. He keeping himself in shape using boxing/kickboxing as a staple of his new fitness routine. You might want to give it a try if your physically fit enough. Stop by the office for an evaluation. If your in Staten Island stop by Nicky’s gym and ask his advice. If Staten Island is to far ask Dr. Baio where the nearest boxing gym is to you.

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