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Dr.Baio Featured on "Culinary Fighter" show, hosted by Phil Lo Greco

Boxing happens to be one of my passions.

Similar to wrestling, you need to keep flexible and have the proper nutrition in your system.

Our Good Friend, Phil Lo Greco, recently launched a YouTube show called “The Culinary Fighter.”

The show features top boxers and is usually filmed in a restaurant setting of the fighters choice.

We usually get some detail on how the fighter came upon the restaurant,

his relationship with the owner,

and what is going on in the fighters career.

This weeks episode happens to feature Dr. Baio,

and goes into muscle hygiene, proper nutrition and concussions.

Also featured on this episode is former Jr Welterweight champion

Chris Algieri, who is also a nutritionist.

Take the time to checkout the link below.

Hope you enjoy.

Please feel free to leave comments.

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