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Dr. Baio doing his part in the Bergen Beach community


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This past Sunday Dr. Baio, who is currently Deputy Grand Knight of St. Bernard’s Knights of Columbus, took part in a Veteran’s day celebration. The day started off with a mass at St. Bernard’s thanking all those who served our great country. The day was ended off with the flag raising at the Cosmo L. Barone Triangle, located across from our office.

The flag pole, which was donated by the local council was a year in the raising. The project started off with current Knight warden , John Piccirillo, picks the bus up daily just adjacent to the triangle. John noticed the memorial and was taken in by the fact that Cosmo was a resident, member of the local knights of Columbus and civic of Bergen beach. Knowing there was no current ceremony on either Memorial or Veterans day for Cosmo and others members of the community who has served, the knights took it upon themselves to make sure from that point on, this country’s heroes would never be forgotten.

John and Dr. Baio thought it would be a great reminder to all in the community to see the flag wave in memory of all those who serve. The flag now stands testament to the strength of the knights in our community as well as a remind each and every day of the principles this country was built on , as well as a reminder of “Ordinary people doing extraordinary things”.


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