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Are you getting enought water in your system?

Alkame Water

Alkame Water

Most have read that we need 8 glasses of water a day for proper body function.

While this is a good ball park number, it may not always be enough.

Depending on what you eat or drink,

your environment,

and your sweat rate

you may need more water in your system.

Yes, still try to get your 8 glasses.

It doesn’t all have to come from straight water.

Juices, and certain food do have a substantial water content.

Keep an close eye on your thrust as well as you urine color.

And remember certain vitamins and supplements

can lead to a  temporary change in urine color.

I know many can’t stomach plain water.

Try infusing it with fruits and vegetables for a little added flavor

and nutritional benefit.

Water needs vary with diet and lifestyle

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