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April Patient of the Month: Andrea DeAngelo

Our April Patient of the Month is Glory fighter Andrea DeAngelo.

Andrea and her family have been friends of Dr. Baio’s for years.

Dr. Baio has even trained in kickboxing under Andrea as well as taken Yoga classes by her mom, Ann Marie.

Andrea’s accomplishments both in and out of the ring are amazing.

Besides being a pro kick boxer herself, she is now also a trainer .

Her and Her mom run Champions Fitness Center in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn.

Here is a little more about our April Patient of the Month.

photo (2)

“I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. Started taking karate classes at the age of 8 and achieved black belt at 15 years old. After achieving black belt I took up kickboxing and start competing. My first fight was at 15 years old as well and I fell in love with the sport and wanted to make it my own personal art. It is now 10 years later and I have over 40 amateur fights and recently made my professional kickboxing debut in Sept 2013. I have many goals as a pro fighter and am looking to leave my mark in the ring. I am the head instructor at my family run gym where I teach make and female fighters kids and adults. I love sharing my passion with others and seeing them grow because it helps me grow as a fighter myself.” – Andrea
Check out this recent interview with Andrea on News 12 :

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