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Aging gracefully

Several patients asked me about the ability to put lean muscle on as we age.

It seems there is some miss information out there.

Just because your getting older doesn’t mean you need to live with muscle wasting.

Studies show that working out, at any age, can help add important muscle mass to your physic.

Why is this important?

As we age we become less active.

We eat less muscle building protein.

We become weaker.

And bones lose their density.

Well, a new study shows most people 60 and over can still benefit from a good workout.

to add to this, a good nutritional program can aid in muscle gain during those workouts.

So, if you’re feeling weak, are having balance issues, and your muscles feel tight,

consider asking your doctor about putting you on an exercise program.

Please read the following article for more information:

Can combined exercise and nutritional intervention improve muscle mass and function?


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