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The Miracle of Whole Body Vibration Therapy


One of the newest therapies that is quickly moving up the charts today is Whole Body Vibration Therapy (WBVT).

What is Whole Body Vibration Therapy?

Its a therapeutic modality in which you stand on a surface that vibrates at a specific amplitude and frequency. Once on that surface you can either stand stationary or move though different ranges of motion based on your intended goal.

What are its benefits?

Scientific studies have shown both positive effects to bone growth as well as neurological stimulus.

Some go as far as to suggest a increase in the release of growth hormone do to repeated use of such devices.

Whole body vibration therapy has been used to help treat patients with MS , Parkinson’s, and diabetes.

It has also been used to speed up bone healing after a fracture.

Some of the newer studies go as far as suggesting it can increase an athletes performance.

For more information Please feel free to check out the following site:

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